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Alexander Manuiloff

"The State" Goes to Austrian Drama Fest

June 2018

"The State" by Alexander Manuiloff was invited to DramatikerInnen Festival for new dramaturgy in Graz, Austria, between June 6 and 10, 2018.

In her critical response to the event, Anatina Riester named the performance "a new type of theatre", while Michaela Reichart and Hannah Michaeler described it as a "demanding evening that mercilessly explores the  the potential of theatre."

DramatikerInnen Festival is organized by Drama Forum Austria, Schauspiel Graz theatre and Deutscher Literatur Fonds.

The festival is aimed at presenting the newest trends in contemporary drama within the German-speaking world and the whole of Europe. All the presented productions were based on recently weritten texts by contemporary writers.

Drama Forum is an organisation that brings together some of the most famous names in the world of dramaturgy today, such as Marius von Mayenburg, Thomas Ostermeier, Rene Polesch, Roland Schimmelphennig, Oliver Bukowski. 







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